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does haley have any international fans?

i’m american but i just wanna know.

idk i’m just asking this because i wanna see how many foreigners know about her because sometimes i just wish she was more well-known and touring worldwide or something because more people outside of the country deserve to know about her and her music.

idk i’m weird.


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After his performance of send-off song “Please Remember Me,” season 10 winnerScotty McCreery greets reporters in the press room, where he plugs Haley Reinhart’s new CD, Listen Up!, out that very day. The country cutie also says he’s still in touch with runner-up Lauren Alaina.


1. “Oh My!” Ft. B.o.B
2. “Free”
3. “Liar”
4. “Wasted Tears”
5. “Undone”
6. “Now That You’re Here”
7. “Wonderland”
8. “Keep Comin’ Back”
9. “Hit The Ground Runnin’”
10. “Walking On Heaven”

11. “Follow Me (I’m Right Behind You)”
12. “Spiderweb”
13. “What You Don’t Know”
14. “Let’s Run Away”


Haley Reinhart-Wasted Tears (acoustic)

I cannot wait for May 22, even though I know I will probably not like the studio-ed versions nearly as much as the live ones.

That smile at the end.

"Who is your idol crush?" 
I approve of this.

"Who is your idol crush?" 

I approve of this.


Haley Reinhart singing her single, Free, on Conan.

Is it me or does she have a cold?

(makes this more awesome to me, though)

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Haley Reinhart,
Listen Up!


Haley’s new song “Wonderland”. The song was “aired” on the radio station “Voice of America”. Thanks to @HaleyRNews for sharing it! Another great song by Haley, every song she has revealed to us isn’t below average! She’s great! I think the first 40 seconds of the song is the best part, then it goes in a little different direction than I expected (with the ‘common sister’). Still, very good, catchy, groovy and Motown-y. 

Track Listing (Standard Edition):

  1. Oh My (feat. B.o.B)
  2. Free
  3. Liar
  4. Wasted Tears
  5. Undone
  6. Now That You’re Here
  7. Wonderland
  8. Keep Comin’ Back
  9. Hit the Ground Runnin’
  10. Walking On Heaven

Haley Reinhart fans may be experiencing deja vu, seeing a blonde singer do Lady Gaga and Led Zeppelin in the same season. And it’s good, but it’s not Joshua Ledet or Jessica Sanchez good, and I’m not sure it’s even Haley Reinhart good, ‘cause that was a pretty great version of the song, as I recall. In other words, good as it was, it’s not going to be enough. She’ll be in trouble again.

#was I so awful #when I felt that #Elise Testone #committed blasphemy #when she sang this song #especially when the judges praised her #and conveniently forgot to mention that #Haley fucking Reinhart #sang this first?

Haley Reinhart dishes out what may be one of the sexiest dumpings we’ve ever seen, when she breaks up with a guy in her new music video for ‘Free,’ the lead single from her debut album ‘Listen Up!’

She is the American Idol.

(and I think they did this on purpose)


ANOTHER Original Haley Reinhart Song: “Now That You’re Here”! A very soulful and groovy one!

Let’s see the tracks that were revealed ‘til now:

1. Free

2. Wasted Tears

3. Hit the Ground Running

4. Oh My

5. Keep Coming Back

6. Undone

7. Walking On Heaven

and now 8. Now That You’re Here

6 more to go!

Haley Reinhart, Free

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